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Hometown Heroes


Hidden Spot 

Founded on June  2015, Hometown Heroes mission  is to provide a lively expererience to our community through sports,  food, cocktails, and a good time!  From live sports to great food made straight from our kitchen, we invite you to come join us on this adventure. While the world is going through tough moments, we want to remind everyone to still enjoy, relax and cherish the moments we all share! 

We are very proud to present you Hidden Spot Emeryville! 

Established on April 2020  in  South San Francisco, Hidden Spot began to serve quality burgers, sandwiches, and wings for the community during the pandemic. A year later, with the generous love and support from our community, we were fortunate to open a second location in the East Bay! We are appreciative and grateful for this opportunity to share our love for food to our fellow Heroes!